Team 4256 Shooting Mechanism

I just wanted to share with you some images of our team’s shooting mechanism. I’ve spent a lot of time modelling it and am proud to display the (virtual) fruits of our team’s many hours of designing and testing. Enjoy!

We are using a similar design, can i ask what kind of range you are getting?

We have yet to test it with a gear-up gearbox. Running a 1:1 (wheel mounted directly to CIM) we are getting aroung 40 ft at a shallow incline (15")

A cim 1:1 might have a lot of speed but not a large amount of torque our team is using a simulator to run our shooter same wheel geared for power and is doing pretty good. Do yall have a tight compression?

You don’t need much torque for a flywheel, the CIM has more than enough.

Looks great, love the bucket hopper.

As chris described, the pneumatic wheel has plenty of mass to result in a big moment of intertia (flywheel effect) as long as it has sufficient rotational energy when the disc contacts it, we are good. The 40’ I gave you is a real-life test.

How tight is your compression that you’re encountering torque limitations? …That’s a little scary. Are your disks holding up? How did you determine you needed higher torque?

My team is using something very similiar. We really like the radial shooter design.

How do you plan on making the frisbee contact the flywheel? Maybe I’m looking at it wrong but it appears that as soon as the frisbee falls to the bottom of your hopper it contacts the flywheel.

Is there some secondary mechanism that pushes the frisbee into the flywheel? Like an air cylinder or “kicker”?

Anyways looks great!

Great CAD model. One thing I noticed that I don’t like: 80-20. That stuff’s very heavy. I would advise replacing those cross-members with angle or something. It would be thinner, MUCH lighter, and just as strong.
Other than that, great design! :slight_smile:

I second this.

Also, I love that method of keeping the frisbee in line (that is what the lexan on standoffs is for, right?).

We found in testing that a 1:1 CIM is more than adequate (simpler to implement too!)

Nice work work on the CAD model! Thanks for sharing! Here’s a pick-up we’re working on. the prototype is working…

That looks like a really neat harvester idea! Looks like it could be quite effective and elegant!

As a recommendation (that I’m sure you’ve thought of): make sure it’s relatively easy for a driver to approach and pick up a disc… as with prior years and game pieces, a harvester’s usefulness is often limited by ability to receive a game piece easily. Most often this means making the harvester/mouth as wide as possible…

About the function: The stack of frisbees has a slot cut in the side, when we are ready to fire, an device of some kind pushes/pulls the frisbee into contact with the shooter.

About the 80/20: I agree, its heavy stuff. The thing is we need the adjust-ability because features such as the gearbox and several other points are fixed to 80/20 to allow us precise tuning over the pressure of the wheel-disc-guide dynamic

That said, we are looking at using a lighter material to supply the structure for those members, but attaching very short segments of 80/20 where we need the adjust-ability.