Team 4256 The Cyborg Cats - 2019 Robot Reveal

FRC Team 4256 - The Cyborg Cats are proud to present our robot Tippy for 2019 Destination: Deep Space.

We will be competing at the St. Louis Regional and the Central Illinois Regional.

Good luck this season!


Very cool bot, and aptly named too! Looks like a very solid, quick cycling low-bot.

Good Luck!

Nice work 4256! Looks very smooth. Maybe one of the only low bots using a swerve too? Very cool.

very nice, as always! See you soon

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2910 comes to mind.

See both of you guys at St. Louis, good luck from DuRT, and Cyborg Cats, wow that robot looks good

simple and effective. Love it!

Well done! Excellent design with cycle times and precision that are outstanding! Looking forward to partnering in STL!

I really love this robot, clearly had some great game analysis.

What is your drive train because it looks really smooth.

This year we used a slightly modified version of 2910’s MK1 Swerve Module,

The only changes are that we 3D printed the large pulley instead of buying the aluminum one and 3D printed a press fit encoder gear.

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