Team 4276 Las Vegas Regional Video

Here’s a video I made with a lot of my footage from Team 4276 at the Las Vegas Regional.
Includes Robocam, GoPro (head mount) and digital camera footage of our robot in action and students having fun!


You guys were a great addition to the winning alliance. It’s usually good practice to share credit for field success and include mention of your alliance partners in your video tributes though;)

This was made quick to try to help raise funds from sponsors in order to attend Championship.

There is obviously no doubt we are incredibly thankful for Teams 1717 and 3245 for giving us an opportunity to play elims with them, and also for all the help off the field when we were getting smashed up pretty bad playing defense. We are recognizing the alliance in other ways, including press releases and other methods. The video itself was not really intended to demonstrate the elims/final matches but more to follow the spirit and technical performance of the team.