Team 4285 Pre-Season CAD/code and 2019 Robot Code/CAD Release

I’m pleased to present Team 4285’s pre-season drive train CAD design/code and our 2019 season Code/CAD.

2020 Pre-season swerve drive train CAD - Team 4285
2020 Pre-season Code - Team 4285

We are switching to the 2910 MK2’s for this year. We designed our practice drive-train to be as easily repairable and structurally sound as possible. Most parts are laser cut and bent with 1/16" and 1/8’ inch aluminum 5052 sheet metal.

2019 Robot CAD - Team 4285
2019 Robot Code - Team 4285

Our 2019 robot Maverick was also made mostly of laser cut and bent aluminum 5052 sheet metal.

All CAD design were made with Autodesk Inventor.

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