Team 4311 presents "The Crocken"

Following over 25 hours of CAD meetings, team 4311 is proud to present the robot that we will building for our 2021 season - “The Crocken”

Named after beloved physics teacher and 4311 mentor Mr. Crocker, we are incredibly proud of the result of our work CADing

Key features over last year’s robot

Spindexer cable of handling up to 5 balls
Over the bumper intake
Improved shooter with better mounting mechanism

Team 4311 is incredibly excited to continue building this robot, and we are very excited to compete in what FIRST can bring for us.

If you’d like a higher res render, please dm me and I can provide it with no issue.

Onshape CAD link: Onshape


Now I think this is pretty cool. From what I remember from last year, your robot was made out of two kitbots? or parts of one. All with $500 and the KOP.

Picture for reference:

To this come out of that, is pretty nice to see. Keep up the good work!

A few questions:
It looks to me that this shooter shoots straight forward, is that true? Is there adjustability that I’m missing?

What material are those intake arms made out of? Looks sort of like aluminum to me, which may not be an issue this year but in a normal year, I fear that they could permanently be deformed once something hits it from the side or any sort of load like that. Polycarbonate plates with be better (in my opinion) when designed correctly for intakes in this case.

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Thanks so much for the comment and questions!

The shooter itself is actually not shooting straight out, I’ll include a side profile of it at the bottom (first picture). The goal for us is that we can remove those reinforcement pieces of the hood keeping it together, and replace the polycarbonate consisting of the hood with a larger or shorter pieces of pc (second and third picture)

As for your second question, those are .25" aluminum, though I’d definitely be interested in thinking about .236" pc (we intend to use am waterjet) You can see how the vp and 775 are mounted to the intake. What I wanted to ask is do you think that pc would be able to handle the force that the motor exerts? I personally see bots like 148 where their intake is made of jello and I think that would be pretty good to have.

polycarb won’t deform under whatever tension the motor’s putting on your belts/chain. also, you should probably add some more material to your intake (think 6328)


Thanks for the comment! Our team probably will think about adding material, but I think we’re a bit strapped on time to build our bot, so I think that we’ll probably see how it goes after we put it all together. We only have like 6 hours a week down from 15 so this build season hurts a bit.