Team #4335 signing off

It is with grave sadness that I have to announce that FRC Team #4335 Metallic Clouds has been officially disbanded. For eight years Girl Scouts of Central Texas has brought this amazing program to the Waco area. But with declining membership and commitments to my job increasing. Continuing this team was not a viable option. I would like to thank all of the parents, sponsors, mentors,and, team members that have stood by us for all these years. I would also like to thank those teams that help us become a better team especially the following teams, 148, 2468, 3005,3481,647,2881,and 6727. Each of these teams will always hold a special place in our shop. Please take minute to enjoy the memories from the past eight seasons . #omgrobots #goodbye

I know the feeling… eight years ago a new job meant that I had to walk away from 1346. With no one else to pick up the reins, the team… the only team in British Columbia at the time… folded.

The new job, however, did give me the opportunity to get more involved with VRC, help that grow across the province, to judge FRC events and to mentor new teams when they finally started up.

We’ve now got a regional in BC, and had 20 teams last year. I was able to help mentor a rookie team and serve on the regional organizing committee. The time away from running a team can open new doors, and bring new experiences. It’s not the same… but that’s not a bad thing.

I didn’t necessarily see all that coming when I took the new job… I just knew that if I wasn’t moving, then I wasn’t moving forward. Congratulations on the move! It might feel sad now, but new opportunities await!


I agree completely. I really like your program and model my summer camps off the general idea but geared more to FRC. And for any of you that are curios I am not stepping away from FIRST in any form just no longer having an all girl team. One of the new responsibilities of my current job is to add value to our robotics program. I am starting a school team this year, that allows students from all of our partner district to join our team. This will allow more students to become a part of FIRST. So yes i feel that i am moving forward to bigger and better things.

Sounds like great opportunities await!