Team 4400 2021 Challenges & Robot

Here are both our robot and the videos we had and uploaded for this 2021 season. Hope to see all of you in person soon. Greetings!

Robot photos:

Robot presentation

Robot flyer

Galactic Search
Red Path A

Red Path B

Barrel Racing 9.9

Slalom 7.1

Bounce 8.7

Lightspeed Circuit 15.9

Barrel Racing 9.4

Slalom 7.0

Bounce 8.3

Any kind of question or comment about our robot or videos are welcome!


Congratulations on winning our division from team 5813! It was a close fight to say the least. I’m curious about your decision to only attempt 3 challenges as opposed to all 5. Was it a strategic move, or more of a time conserving effort? Very impressive none-the-less, especially your autonav time.


Thanks! The decision of attempting 3 challenges was mainly because those were the ones we believed we had the most possibilities to be competitive. At first, we wanted to try all of the 5 challenges but time played a very decissive factor. So we decided to only have 3 but put all of our efforts in those 3.


The best of this season. :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


What motivated you guys to go for the double flywheel shooter instead of a hooded shooter?

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We made prototypes of both types of shooters and also competed last year in a week 0 event with a hooded shooter. However, we liked more the control authority and accuracy that the double flywheel shooter gave us.

Our shooter is very good but we have a big problem with the backlash on the system that adjusts it, also it is a lot more complex than a hooded shooter and not as efficient as we would like to.

But I think it looks very cool. :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
(This are videos of 2020)


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