Team 4414 | HighTide | 2019 Season Recap | Cart CAD

After 82 Matches, 4414s season has come to a close.

When I started the team over a year and a half ago I never imagined how quickly we would scale…

We have grown from 6 to 25 students during our first year (which doesn’t come easy for community teams) blew way past our fundraising goal, maxing out the limit on our 501(c)3,
and had competitive success far above we would imagine achieving in our first season.

Thanks to all the teams we got to compete with this year for making us STOKED.

See you at LAN and Ventura (Hopefully) 2020.


In just a year, you guys went from a big question mark to a killer presence in the California FRC scene. Congrats on the breakout first season, and we’ll see you at LAN!

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Hella sick, loved seeing y’all play this year. Can’t wait to see what 4414 comes out with next season!


Over the summer of 2018, I saw some of the media on your website and I told my team that HighTide would be a serious contender in 2019. Even then, expectations were exceeded! Excellent job and looking forward to another great robot next season!


Do you guys plan on releasing your CAD at some point?

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It a mess right now, If one of the kids gets back in there and cleans it up maybe we will post the onshape link.

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Easily in my top 5 favorite robots of 2019. I cant wait to see what the future holds for yall.

+1 on CAD

Also I’d love to get my hands on a team shirt.


Awesome video, robot, and season.

Do you have CAD of your cart/driverstation you can share?

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I’m so happy I have a HighTide shirt lol

Great robot and a great season

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How do you know you’ll be at Ventura already?

Just a bad guess

It’s our only second round preference, all or nothing!

Updated original post to be more factually true.


Driver Station:

We installed a pair of those fancy apem joysticks with some proprietary mods in the holes.

Also tapped one of the holes for an expandable monopod and mini HDMI display, this didn’t hold up well, looking into a better solution.


This was one of my favorite robots this year. I also third a robot CAD release

For those on the opposite coast not in the loop, is 4414 a spin-off of another team, or just very experienced mentors?

A little bit of both!

I’ll copy this in from our robot reveal thread, I think it sums it up nicely.


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