Team 4414 | HighTide | Pit Writeup

Ugh now my kids want a fridge too :man_facepalming:


Be good mentors (and get a fridge).


Fridges inspire.


A few notes on this:

  • 1678 requires our students to have hard toe covering when rolling our pit boxes. This policy is born directly from a bad experience in 2016 where our lead design student rolled a box on her toe. No permanent damage but had to get some stitches. We have toe covers like this for students not wearing steel toe boots: ULINE - Shipping Boxes, Shipping Supplies, Packaging Materials, Packing Supplies
  • Our 16x7 trailer has a drop-down ramp. Usually 2-3 students can roll each box in. Boxes are strapped to the walls once loaded. Picture:
  • Having boxes and our own trailer allows students to safely and repeatedly load up for events with minimal guidance. I ensure students are following proper safety protocols but they take care of the rest.
  • I definitely recommend 4414’s pit box design plus at least a 12ft dual axle trailer with drop down rear door. Our 16ft is a little large but we have been able to use it to deliver used rolls of field carpet to local teams, and transport other teams gear to competitions if we’re heading the same direction.




Also, pay special attention to the loading capacity of your trailer floors. Our road cases attempted to unload them selves Great Escape style on the way back from Houston. Arkansas roads aren’t great!

We plan to lay in some new subflooring in the next couple weeks.


Great point! And make sure the casters are up for the task too!

I forgot to add, we’ll likely be adding a steel strip to the leading edge of the fold-out plywood on the ramp. That leading edge has taken a beating over the years (it doesn’t look anything like in the pic I shared when the trailer was brand new!)



Geez, spoilers!

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how much do each of your cases weigh?

I don’t have great numbers, but ~1000lbs each for the big boxes when fully loaded.

Thanks for the sharing the full detailed writeup.
Definitely can see the amount of effort and details put in.
We have our work cut out for us, as we are so busy all year round (like everyone else).

Our road cases are ordered and being made at this point. Then the details and fabrication to make it our own. All so we can enjoy it for 2-3 days at the Hawaii regional once a year.
Now in the process of ordering a vehicle and a trailer to go with it. Ford Lightnings are out of stock in Hawaii. :frowning:


Loved yall’s pit design! We’re looking to make a pit setup similar to yours and I was wondering if you could provide more insight into the overall wiring of the pits? Specifically, where did your power strips, battery chargers, LEDs, etc. lead and what did yall do/use to power everything off of one outlet?

Will echo this. We cracked our floors last year with our carts.

Have since reinforced under the trailer where the caster sit and gone with doubled up the floor boards.

First off 4414 <3’s 4099

The main driver behind our wiring was to assist in set up and tear down speed. We settled on separate electrical “zones”. This allowed us to not have any electrical crossing between upper and lower sections of the cases. An additional benefit of this was individual lighting control. We have RF switches that control different aspects of the pit (we can turn the lights off but battery’s, fridge, and power strips stay on). There is also a large high rated surge protector behind the fridge (under the table). Here is a picture that might make it clearer.

We found some nice RV water/element resistant electrical passthroughs we liked. Again helping our set up and tear down while keeping everything nice and neat. We found the highest rated power cables and extenders we could this part. Lots of late nights catalogue engineering on amazon! Hopefully this gives you some insight.


@Michael_Corsetto have you had any issues with the casters? Did you upgrade them?

Small, hard wheels carrying a lot of weight are often pretty hard on the foam tiles used in many instances at FRC events. Might be an area where teams might want to look to iterate/innovate.

Foam tiles?

He’s from NC. It’s a thing here :joy:


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This looks immaculate, what is the space behind the battery and charges used for (I know there’s something back there I just can’t recall what) and how do you get to that space? do you have a kid crawl into the area to the left of the batteries to get back there?

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We have a SuperPit like 973 and we had casters starting to break thru as well. When you lay new sub flooring in your trailer, it might be a good idea to weld in some support tubes on the frame directly under the casters so the weight of the cart is on the frame instead of only the wood.