Team 442 Animation

Here’s a link to our animation:
Here you go.
Keep in mind that:
A) We worked with the software about 4 weeks. That’s including the time we spent making it. We didn’t know we were doing the animation until 2 weeks into the 6 weeks and we didn’t get the software from our advisor until a little under a week after that.
B) We had NO animation sponsors. Meaning even our adult mentor (great job Mr Hillis :slight_smile: ) even went into this with no experience.
and finally C…
C) The quality is horrible because i’m on dialup. It’s hosted on a nice quik T-1 server but i had to upload it. Just resize the window you’re viewing it in to a little less than 320 x 240. I had to resize and compress it to get it to an acceptable size. We’ll try to upload a much better quality version soon.
It’s about 520 KB right now so just view it really quick and give us some feedback.
In the mean time…enjoy. :slight_smile:

Pretty good for a first try guys. I was just wondering where you got the people in the animation. Did you make them all by hand or use a plug-in like Real People?

Nope. Those were all hand modeled bipeds. Pretty good huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

WE REALLY NEED A HIGHER QUALITY VERSION. From what I could see it looked very nice. Good job at hand modeling bipeds, I hate non-handmodeled things.

Nice looking people, at least at this low res.
Anyone on your team have a cable modem? Or an engineer have something faster at work?
Burn a high res onto a cd and have them upload it.
Or you could mail me a cd and I will upload it for you.:slight_smile:

And the bass works well for those of us lucky to have subs.:slight_smile:


Photorealism junkie.

thats great for working with the sofware for four weeks…u should be proud…but yea i think it would be better if it was a lower res…a little to “blurry”