Team 4464 "Reveal"

Ok, I guess it’s not much of a reveal; it’s well over a week late and we’ve got no fancy video or anything.

But I noticed we’ve done nothing to show off our final robot at all so here are some nice pictures that were taken in the rush before we bagged it at the end of build season.

The whole thing:

Catapult view (wooden piece temporary. Maybe.). If you look carefully, you might spy our super-ultra-advanced release-angle modification system which gives us two very different shot trajectories (hint: it’s not really super-ultra-advanced):

Rear-corner view (or is it the front? We’re still debating that), showing our roller arm actuation setup.

Close-up of roller motor assembly. We’re very happy with how compact it is:


Currently weighs 95lbs, will likely add ballast to get it to 119.5 or so at competition.

6-CIM drive geared for 14 feet per second on a 29’‘x26.5’’ AM14U chassis (cutting it to that size was a real pain) with standard hi-grip wheels.

Overhead roller for ball acquisition. Overbuilt, will withstand reasonably hefty impacts (during testing we accidentally rammed a table at full-speed without so much as a scratch).

Pneumatic catapult using 4x 1.5’’-bore 8’’-stroke cylinders, each with a downstream tank. Two different release angles available - can fire low-power at high release angle for lob shot from behind low goal, or high-power at low release angle for shot from 6’-18’ away. Can also shoot high-power at high release angle, not sure how far ball goes when doing this but may be useful for hurling ball over truss to human player.

Tightest machining tolerance used is 1/16’’. Robot structure (other than drive base) consists of mostly welded aluminum parts (huge thanks to one of our parent mentors for this resource, it’s amazing), with all other machining done with a drill press, miter saw, or hand drill. Match-drilling is awesome.

Feedback welcome!