Team 4466 - Season Recap & Full Reveal

Now that build season is over, we have finally had a chance to gather our digital media and have put together a season review and full reveal video.


Wow, video already blocked due to copyright infringement…

Sorry about that, the music track is a recording done by my daughter and we do have the necessary rights to use the song. We have disputed the claim.

This link should work now:

Hmm, how did you get those rights?

You can purchase licenses to record cover songs here:

My 8 year old daughter is an actress/singer and also competes in pageants. We have actually secured recording rights to several songs for her to demonstrate her abilities.

The music track in the video is actually my daughter singing and that is in fact one of the songs for which we have a streaming license.

That’s pretty neat. I didn’t realize a streaming license was so reasonable to get. Thanks for sharing.

No problem.

Will you be going to the D.C. Regional?

this looks like a pretty darn good robot, especially as a rookie team. I can see this robot being in the top 20 of each of your regionals as long as your drive team can execute a great match every time. Make sure they get lots of practice on Thursday’s Practice day! Keep the good work up in the future!

  • Aaron