Team 4466 - Shooter Reveal

Here is Team 4466’s shooter, enjoy.

I feel like I’ve seen this somewhere before…
Seriously, it looks like emulation of Ri3D is something that will put most teams in elims. Nice work.

Got any plans to make it easier to human load?

::safety:: <- ring any bells?
Anyhow, nice shooter. Looks like a combination of an Ri3 feeder with a 3847 shooter. What wheels are you using and what compression? Looks like two Banebot Blue wheels.

Our shooter/hopper took ideas from Ri3D as well as some things from 3847’s shooter.

However we used our own implementation as well as added some of our own “twists” and improvements. And yes, those are the 2-7/8" x .8" blue BaneBots wheels. As far as compression goes, not quite sure as we didn’t measure it. Our motor carriage is adjustable so that we can tweak the compression as needed.

Although after about 250-300 shots we seem to have finally worn out our shooter wheels on the secondary (throwing) wheel.

We are also doing a pretty good job of throwing them upside down.

Another addition is that we have the ability to tilt our shooter from about 30 degrees to about 70 degrees. At the highest tilt we can stand about 2 or 3 feet from the high goal and still score in it. Our biggest problem is that the low goal is the hardest to hit. LOL

Also as an FYI, it is very easy to load from the feeder station and we have an opening at the rear of the hopper for a floor pickup that we are testing out.

Although it is an emulation of iR3’s design, you’ve managed to execute it really really well it seems, which not all teams will be able to. Hope you guys get some awesome practice time! Be sure to work on that autonomous with all your spare time.