Team 4481 Rembrandts proudly present: William

Team Rembrandts proudly present this year’s robot: William

Gear + 10KPa auto
Gear specialist: aiming 3 rotors per game
Integrated gear pick up
5 Seconds climb
6 Wheel Drive with custom gearboxes (Gear ratio 1/7)

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We’ll be competing at:
Week 1 - South Florida Regional
Week 2 - Orlando Regional

That’s gotta be the slickest gear pickup mechanism we’ll see all year!

We’ll miss you lot in New York – best of luck, the bot looks incredible this year!

Thanks for the compliments guys, greatly appreciated!

Here is the animation showing the workings of our gear intake:

It works as follows:

  • The lower roller pulls in the gear, pushing back the back plate.
  • This back plate is connected to two surgical tubes which are being stretched as the plate is being pushed back (The green tubes in the animation).
  • When the gear is completly in the robot, the plate forces it back onto the roller, flipping it upwards 90 degrees.
  • The second roller helps get the gear compleat it’s movement and giving it the required height for us to complete the hang.

I was thoroughly impressed during the FUN premier night when I saw your gear pickup first actuate. IT’S SO FAST! Slick design for sure.

Phenomenal robot guys. I look forwards to watching it in a match environment.

Good luck!!!
-A fellow gear focused team.

I feel like I’m watching a Penn and Teller magic trick. It’s being explained to me and I’m still in awe.

Coolest functional gear intake I have seen so far this season.
I hope it serves you as well as I expect it to during your early week events this year.

Love that Dutch engineering students are coming to Florida. It’ll give them a good chance to assess the situation before we hire them in 10 years to keep the ocean out!

Brilliant gear pickup! It took me a while to understand how it works, and I’m still amazed someone came up with it.

Here is a video from last week, where the team showed their practice robot to the sponsor and family and told everyone a bit more about the competition and the trip in general.
awesome video by Code 101

Now that is a slick looking bot! Love the gear collector.

That gear collector mechanism is a brilliant. It is an out of the box design that actually adds value.

Someone Combine this gear intake and 125’s shooter

Mabye at least in 1 alliance? :slight_smile:
They are playing both in South Florida this week!

Those bumpers look pretty sick. I like the smooth look of them.
Also, sweet gear intake. I don’t think there will be a gear mechanism more dope than this, all season.

For every1 who is interested:

We just released footage of our robot in action during finals of the orlando regionals. The shots were made from a robot perspective:

**Finals 1:**
**Finals 2:**

We will have video’s comming up of all of our matches at both our regionals including the solo 8 gear cycle we did in Orlando.

Feel free to fire any questions our way. I will try to answer them as soon as I can.

Congratulations on your win in Orlando! It was a truly great experience playing with you guys