Team 4481 Reveal 2019: Andromeda

Team 4481 proudly presents our creation: Andromeda


Wow…that level 3 climb is fast!

Just curious…are you guys planning on adding a mechanism to intake cargo?

Best of luck this season. :smile:

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You have created another elegant design and executed it with amazing craftsmanship.

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For now our mainly focus is on being a fast consistent hatch cycler and taking care of a solid level 3 climb. We like to make choices in the amount of challenges we take upon as a team in the build season… Usually we’re playing week 1 and week 2 events, meaning we have to ship our robot 2-3 days prior to stop build day in order to have a robot shipped and arrived at the event in time. This combined with exams and stuff we’re limited in designing our total robot capabilities :smiley:

In between regionals and worlds we rather focus on expanding on different auto routines and multiple hatch auto instead of adding cargo.


Valid point. Good luck this season! :smile:

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