Team 449 Configurable Drivetrain & Common Parts Library

Some of you may remember my spreadsheet deriven back driven WCD from a while ago.

Over the past few days I’ve been working on this configurable WCD that I think is pretty cool (and doesn’t use excel at all - only iLogic). I will not hide that it is meant for the drivetrains that Team 449 makes, but I think this can be useful to all of you, whether you are interested in our drivetrain design or in more advanced iLogic systems.

Let me get the basics out of the way.
This drivetrain allows you to configure the following:

  • The basics: Length, width, overhang (how far in the length-wise pieces are on a WCD), CC, center drop, vertical offset (how far the non-dropped wheels are from half way up the 2x1 they sit in), distance of center of back wheel to back of frame, degree tilt of gearboxes
  • Toggleable superstructure. Pretty basic, of the form seen in the render.
  • Whether gearbox CIMs point towards the center or towards the edges.
  • 6 colson vs 2+4
  • 4in wheels vs 6in wheels
  • Whether belts from gearbox to center are outside or inside the frame.

Other features/limitations:

  • Gearbox mounting holes will appear/disappear based on gearbox positioning - no need to worry about half-holes cutting through the walls of the tube.
  • Frame and superstructure come with #10 holes every 1/2". This means the frames can only be in length/width/offset intervals of 1/2".
  • Only does 6wd
  • Only has VexPro Ball Shifters built in. I would personally really recommend these, ever since we switched to them we’ve had 0 gearbox problems. If you would like to use the frame but not the gearboxes, either use Base Frame.iam (which doesn’t have a nice script, but is still parameterized) or select “Blank” as the drive type, and then assemble your own gearboxes/wheels onto it.
  • Only uses 36t HTD pulleys, 15mm wide from back to center, 9mm from center to front.

To use this, copy the Drivetrain Generator folder wherever you’re going to want it. Open Drive Frame.iam. Go to Manage > iLogic Browser and click on the Forms tab, then click on the “Configure Drivetrain” button. This will open up a form that will take care of everything for you. Enter your parameters, then click “Done” and the assembly should update. Depending on what changes you make, all the drive components may disappear, reappear, and then Inventor will freeze for a bit while all the constraints get settled.

Be aware that if you customize the assembly, your work may be lost if you run the script and/or any of the forms. Be careful with what you do. If you’re done with the configurability of the assembly and would rather not risk things getting messed up, you can delete the iLogic rules and your assembly should be safe.

I plan to keep working on this. If there is anything you would like to see supported in this generator, I’ll see what I can do to implement it.

If you have any questions about the generator, how I did it, or need any support in using or expanding on it, please feel free to ask questions.

You can find it here on our partner space.

This is our common parts library. It is still lacking some things (mostly wheels we haven’t gotten around to using), but feel free to take a look or use this, if you’d like.

All of this is for Inventor 2019. PS for those looking at similar projects: don’t suppress components to make a configurable assembly. It’s just such a huge pain with levels of detail.

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