Team 449 Scouting Program

Team 449’s scouting team wrote a very slick program this build season to manage scouting at the competition. We’ve posted all of our code online, in compiled form and as a source in case you want to edit it for your own team: In addition, we have a manual to help you out, though it’s sort of out-of-date right now. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for improvement, reply here and I’ll forward it to the head of our scouting software development team.

Scout449, as it is known, is a multiplatform Java-based server/client scouting system with capabilities for multiple authenticated users (and multiple user permissions), match scoring (per robot), a “kiosk” mode for in the pit (displaying a countdown to the team’s next match), and much more. Statistics including Wins, Losses, Points per Game, FIRST Ranking, FP, and RP are calculated for each team, and all data can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis. Roaming scouts can also add comments, ratings, and a picture for each team. A “one sheet” can be generated for each match giving the performance and abilities of both the robots on your alliance and those on the opposing alliance. Scout449 can also display the match schedule and be configured for a variety of game types.

Scout449 was successfully used at the Washington D.C. and Chesapeake regionals. Scout449 even allows multiple wired networks to be synced together (all the more important since wireless networks of any kind are no longer allowed at competitions) with USB drives.

If you have any questions or feature requests, ask Jacob or me and we will pass them on to the primary developer.

The Login Window
The Server Window
The Transfer Connections Window
Configuring the server
Configuring the server

Configuring the server
An empty match queue
The Team List
Scoring a match

The automatic image uploader

You can even plug in the memory card from a camera. Scout449 will automatically detect it and allow you to tag and upload the pictures.

They have the program for Windows and Mac. :slight_smile:
I see you’ve made this in Java and SQL or some other database.
Can I view the code in Visual Studio?

Yes, Scout449 is compatible with all major JAVA supported platforms (tested on Windows, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu Linux); web interface works in any modern browser (tested on Firefox 2.0+, Internet Explorer 6.0+, Opera 9.0+, Safari). Other platforms may be supported but not yet tested. It works with Java 1.5 and on; a version is available for Java 1.3 and 1.4.

I’m afraid I’m not sure about Visual Studio as I’ve never had the chance to use it. However, I do know Scout449 was written using Eclipse, so that should work.

I just wanted to add the following to the previous message:
All of the source code should be in the “src” folder so you might be able to import it into Visual Studio from there.