Team 4499 presents: Iceman

Team 4499 The Highlanders presents our 2023 robot: Iceman.

Watch us compete at Utah, Colorado, and Rocket City Regionals.

Thanks to our sponsors Neaera Consulting, Lockheed Martin, Metal Distributors, The Gene Haas Foundation, Front Range Powder Coat, Fort Collins Plastics, US Engineering, and DNKE.


Here’s some fun stuff for viewing.

Fun stuff


One of my favorite reveal videos. Good luck 4499, time for a blue banner!


Awesome looking robot, sometimes the intake of an upright cone is lightning fast. Congrats and good luck this season!

How did you decide the CF stiffening members were necessary?

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We wanted tie rods → We had CF on hand in a pretty convenient size → Yes

This was the thought process. Not that the CF was necessary and totally wasn’t for testing something else.


Wow, congratulations on your new robotics robot! It looks like an incredible piece of technology.

Great robot! can’t wait to play you at colorado regionals

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that intake is super pretty! would y’all be willing to share how much compression you’re using? ty!

I’m not sure how important compression actually is. When we tested through the compression range we were looking for, it seemed that the angle was more important than the compression (within reason).

We did 4.75 between rollers to discourage the cube from sending itself through the intake not because we needed compression.

I’d challenge you to look at Spectrum’s (3847 or anyone similar) intake and really understand how it works.

Great job in Utah! Congratulations on captaining the #1 seed to a win. See you soon!


Congrats on your victory in Utah!


Looks like I’m gonna have to get a Highlanders shirt!!!


Really enjoyed watching the Highlanders at the CO Regional!


Beautiful robot. Loved watching the matches at Colorado and the autonomous is chefs kiss. Is that a belt I see being used for the extension and retraction of the telescoping arm or what are you using for that?


Kinda hard to see. but it’s there.
There’s also another one clamped onto the 1x1 which is inside the 3x3 straddling the 2x2.

I would love to check out the robot more and specifically the energy chain attachments to the sections at Houston! See you and your team there!

The following are a few random but fun facts or statistics.

During and following the Utah Regional, we had an unusual number of requests pointed at our intake. There seem to be 4 of our intakes at the Idaho Regional. :grin:

Today, after Day 1 of the Idaho Regional, I’m pleased to report the following. (Ranked by OPR)



That’s a lot of OPR gains! Congrats to 8, 3245, 4598, and 6411. Looking forward to watching Day 2.

Full results here (May be broken):

Do you know this pesky thing called the center of mass?


Truly embodying the phrases
“Drive it like you stole it.”
“If you’re in control, you’re not going fast enough.”
“Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.”
And lastly
“If the bot ain’t tippin’, you ain’t whippin’.”


It would seem that we’re the number one robot with googly eyes.
Let’s change that. We swear it’s a minimum 5% performance boost. :eyes:


would it be possible if you could release the cad model for this robot?