Team 449's Animation

Here is a smaller version of it. You will need Divx 5. Feedback encouraged!

Team 449’s Animation

d00d fix teh link man, yer makin us look n00bish, hehe

Sorry to anyone that tried the link, it works now. The CD I copied the file off of had 449.AVI and the link was to 449.avi… stupid caps

Nice… your animation was pretty Cool, i had to wait 2 hours to get but it was worth it, good job, and good luck

yeah well the guys at [H]ard|OCP slashdotted the server last night/this morning, thats why the server was so slow, hehe

Alright… more versions- a high high quality (183 megs divx 5) version is now up [get it here!]( Animation.avi)

change yer sig, you have the 8500 now