Team 449's Website

The website for the 2007 season for the Blair Robot Project (Team 449) has now been completely uploaded. An administration interface allows group leaders to easily update all parts of the site.

Website URL:

What do you think? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Looks good.
But ship day is Feb. 20 (not 21)!
consider including a link to

Your site is pretty nice and clean. You should have a link to the first website on your homepage. You should also add some team pictures or photos. Maybe some pictures of your robot as its being built? You also don’t have alot of information about your team. IE How many years you’ve been building and also we’re your located. Stick with the nice layout and just add some more content.

I like the simplicity; it’s very easy to navigate. I know its still a work in progress, but the only thing I would suggest is more pictures and links to accompany the text.

I have modified and updated the website in many ways now incorportaing many of the suggestions given. What do you think?