Team 4505 Presents: George

Team 4505, McDonogh Robotics, is proud to present our robot for the 2018 season, George! It features:

A spring loaded belt intake that can quickly pick up boxes
A cascading elevator to reach the scale and switch (working on improving the speed)
~15° Double ramps powered with 2 775 pro motors each and a lead screw, lifting a robot in 4-5 seconds

Our reveal video:

Good luck to all the teams competing in FIRST Power Up this year!

Can’t wait to see you guys at Greater Dc

How are you guys releasing your ramps from your robot? What made you decide to use those wheels for intake?

We’re still working on a better ramp release mechanism, but right now we have a servo holding them up that just pulls a release pin and lets them fall. We’re going to replace the entrapption stars with custom intake wheels.