Team 4513 presents: Short Circuit

Sweet, sweet rhino treads (smells like vanilla) with a high goal shooting mechanism and low bar capability, we aim to rock the PNW district again with our robot, Short Circuit.

Video: Coming soon :eek:

Check us out in person at the PNW West Valley and PNW Central Washington District Events!

How does the robot intake boulders? Is the shooter on a pivot or mounted in one spot?

At first I though, “wow, what a nice robot”, then I looked closer…
this is the first robot I have ever seen to use throttle motors. Very well done.
I love the integration of your camera; would you be willing to share your cad for the mount?
All in all this looks beautifully thought out, nothing sketchy at all. Great job.

If i remember right (im not too involved in the building) we are replacing what is seen in the photo (the stealth wheels) with one that comes down and rolls the balls into our shooting mechanism. With the one pictured the front wheels spin in a counterclockwise motion taking the ball in until it hits a button (not seen) that indicates that it has gone all the way in.

The shooter is on a lead screw, and can move up and down. Not sure if that fully answers your second question, but i try my best.

I bet i could get the CAD for it. I’ll ask for the file tomorrow and release it.

Good use of the Denso Throttle motor, it’s an asset waiting to be unlocked for many teams

Hopefully this won’t be the only one we see this season:)

We designed a gearbox for the Denso Motor that gives it a 7.5:1 reduction and a 1/2 hex output shaft. We have already donated over 60 of these gearboxes to new and inexperienced teams in 14 different countries and plan to distribute 100 before the end of the season.

Although it is only a low power motor, it is actually very useful once you give it an adequate gear reduction and give it an output shaft that can interface with other FRC specific COTS parts.

There is more information on our website:!redbox/g8y3o

Reveal Video officially up! yes, RIP boulder.

As for the CAD of the camera mount, im working on it (our server got ransomware on it, it only now got cleaned out. :O)

This is the second robot I’ve seen with a shooter and feeding system like this using high grip wheels. I am skeptical that a shooter that shreds the ball this much will be allowed to compete. I strongly recommend making changes that reduce or eliminate the damage done to the ball or at least being ready to make the changes if needed. The team I mentor has had good luck with 4" blue stealth wheels from andymark and they don’t leave any marks on the balls.

Great looking robot. Im going to miss competing in the PNW this year(1318 drive coach, design lead, captain 2012-2015)

Video doesn’t seem available for me.

Yep, no longer available due to Copyright claims.

ah, wonderful. Ill upload one without sound later today then till this gets fixed.

Edit: Uploaded to Vimeo: