Team 4539 Presents Ricky Bobby

Well we didn’t get a reveal video done, but we did film a solid practice match, with a little time to spare (we only have so many cubes!). We forgot our climb bar at our week 0 event so it does not show the climb happen in the first video, but in the second it shows the climb options.

The practice match shows a 2 cube scale auto and the ability to play the rest of the game. We also have a 2 cube auto with one in the scale and one in the switch, as well as a 2 cube switch auto, but those didn’t make the videos.

Good luck to all and see you Week 1 in Grand Forks!

Practice Match


Shake and Bake!


If your not FIRST, you’re last! (Ricky Bobby quote)

Another video showing 2 cube auto and 9 through the exchange done in 1 minute, 21 seconds.

…and my team is loving the movie quotes so keep them coming! Talledaga Nights became the choice movie to quote this build season so it was only appropriate for the robot name!

Soooo happy to see the two bot climb!

Nice robot as usual KAOTIC! See you guys at Lake Superior!

Oh - and…

You taste of America.

You must like to go fast :wink:

Hopefully never have to say “I’m flying through the air, this is not good” ~RB

We took this picture yesterday afternoon!

…and obviously our practice robot is named Cal (aka The Magic Man)