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TerrorBytes Present: MiniFRC

MiniFRC is an annual quarter-scale FRC competition hosted by FRC Team 4561, the TerrorBytes. In June of 2016, the TerrorBytes hosted the inaugural MiniFRC; this event was MiniFRC 1.0: Stronghold. Since then we have held at least one every year (except for 2020) (Here is another cool video).

Recent Updates

Modern-day MiniFRC would not be possible without the help of Team Alfredo (, a company founded in part by TerrorBytes alumni. Team Alfredo allows for MiniFRC to be easily accessible with the parts they have created (such as the wonderful NoU2 board that works with an ESP32 to allow for the control of motors and servos), AlfredoConnect (a program that can allow for the control of the robot through a desktop application), the Arduino Alfredo libraries, and help in running these events (FMS systems, volunteering, KoPs, and so much more).

Recently, the TerrorBytes hosted MiniFRC 9 Classic: Charged Up, MiniFRC: Camp, and MiniFRC: Summer Edition (special thanks to FRC teams 4828 and 5190 for help hosting this). MiniFRC: Camp was held as an outreach event by the team helping teach middle school students how to design, wire, and code their robots (Alfredo Arduino system-based).

More Cool Images!!!!!!

Moving Forward

The TerrorBytes have recently been working on creating documentation to help teams that want to host their own MiniFRCs in their area. We have helped with a number of MiniFRC competitions that were not directly run by us. We want to continue this trend and make MiniFRC what we envision it to be. If interested, you can:

  • Join the MiniFRC Discord to get direct contact with the
  • Head to our website for documentation on how to host a MiniFRC event (this is continuing to be updated)
  • Reach out to us if you would like to host your own MiniFRC (we can help set up stuff, give previous field elements, etc.)
  • Check out previous streams on our YouTube channel

I can’t overstate just how fun these events were, everyone had a great time and built some really cool robots. Massive props to the whole Alfredo team for delivering a super easy to use hardware and software environment, it is so cool to see a tool that can put professional software engineers and hyped up middle schoolers on the same engaging playing field having fun


Gotta love Terrorbytes in the community :heart:


Former 4561 team member and programmer here, MiniFRC was a great way to learn how to CAD and 3d print. Since these small motors/servos generally all come with built-in gearboxes, all that’s really required to build a robust robot is holes for various bolts on 3d printed parts. That being said, its totally viable to put together a bot with various scrap pieces and hot glue them together. The NoU2 is also an amazing piece of hardware. Can’t wait for the next MiniFRC event.


Hi! My school and I have planned a mini FRC event, and I was wondering if you could share this year’s field CAD because I saw in your website that you have all the previous years but not this one’s.


That is great to hear. Here is the field cad. There is also a page on our website with this years Charged Up resources and then more in our discord.