Team 461 Finised CAD

so team 461 finished the rendered cad drawing of our robot today:

how are you gunna put bumpers and kit wheels on that thing?

are you underweight?

the kit wheels fit in the feet and we have a continuous bumper that bolts onto the feet

we could put on a couple more lbs

lol i don’t think anything but wheels can touch the ground:]

Genius! How could you ever come up with a brilliant idea like this??

lol…I hope that doesnt have to much friction:yikes:

This thread title totally owned me.

Nice job.

That would be a friken awesome robot :cool:

Good one Will. I like how we’ve already done two threads like this.

i hope your laser is disabled that against the rules :stuck_out_tongue:

It is. We also checked to make sure we removed the lightsaber and stun gun… thingy…

BTW, Ewoks not included

Doesn’t look legal to me…

(You had me fooled with the title.)

and we made the pincher arm that comes out stay in the bumper zone so we can grab onto those empty cells

fell for it

So how exactly are you going to score with that thing? :stuck_out_tongue:

the tops of the hatches on the front open up and dump the balls out

friction??! that thing has rockets in its legs, full hex wrench set (which is how they interface with other computers), a welding torch, and the computer power to calc. interstellar flt jumps. You got it to run on a 12v battery

haha wow will! i now know what you were telling me about earlier =) i was so confused! this could actually work, we should get building on it soon tho!!!

btw, u can be the one to let suzanna know what she needs to program :wink:

yes, suzanna has her work cut out for her in giving our robot a personality :wink: