Team 4653 Presents: Mark IV

Team 4653, Ironmen Robotics, presents our 2016 robot: Mark IV.


Tank Drive
6x 8" Pneumatic Wheels (middle wheel dropped on each side)
Andymark KoP Chassis w/ frame opening for ball intake
Andymark Wedge Plate replaces the back end plate for easier defense crossing
Vertical height <14", low bar capable

80/20 arms with 2x Bag Motors w/Banebots wheels, arms extend beyond frame perimeter during a match for better boulder acquisition

Platform with 2x 4" HiGrip wheels powered by miniCIM motors
Moved up / down via 2x 7" pistons
Mounted servo pushes boulders into the spinning wheels for shooting
Able to shoot high goals, low goals, and pass to allied robots

“Tomahawks” or Auxiliary Arms
2x Plexiglass angled pieces attached to hollow-tube arms, powered by RS775 motors w/ PG71 Gearboxes
Arms allow for crossing of Portcullis and Cheval de Frise, can also hold open Drawbridge and Sally Port for self-movement or allowing for allied robots to move through.

Encoders, Kauai Labs navX MXP Navigation Sensor (Gyro, XYZ Displacement, Heading, Fixed Heading), Infrared Distance Sensor, Axis-1013 Camera with ‘Angel-Eyes’ LEDs, used for distance tracking in Teleop and Auto (20 Point Autonomous relies heavily on our sensors)

Overall, we’ve had an amazing build season, expanding our capabilities for production, electronics, and coding more than ever before. Thanks to our sponsors helping us out - Manhattan College, Picatinny Arsenal, and the Don Bosco Prep Administration. See you all in competition!