team 47, is your school closing?

Just read Central is closing in Pontiac. Team 47 is that your school? Are you going to blend into another school if it is? Hope everything is ok.

This is what is being referred to.

Wow, the student population of the town must have decreased a lot in the past few years- 7200 students in buildings with capacity for 20000? I can see where the deficit is coming from. I hope Pontiac can transition through this, and I hope team 47 can hold together through this season. Good luck!

Yes… sadly Pontiac Central High School is merging with the other High School due to $$$$ and severe declining enrollment.

What will become of Team 47 Chief Delphi… well plans are to move the team to the NEW Pontiac High School. It is possible that the Teams #65 and #47 will need to make adjustments… what are they… time will tell.

At this moment in time I (Team Leader Mike Martus) am making as many plans and adjustments necessary for survival of a good FIRST Program. Will combining schools be hard… yes… is it possible YES!

As the path unfolds I will keep all interested persons informed.

Currently our team has a wing of the school, Shop with great tools, Storage room, Competition room, Office and display case for the many trophies as well as 13 robots on our Wall of Fame. Will we have the same space? Good question.

More later.

Wow, sorry to hear that. Good luck to your team and your school.

I really hope things work out for you guys.
It would be really sad if FIRST lost another Hall of Fame team.

Will 47 stay where they are for the remainder of the 2009 season?

Good luck and I hope things turn out for the better.

Central Robotics Charter Academy—To bad you couldn’t take over the whole school.

Sorry to hear about your school.

I’m sure you folks will manage somehow as all great FIRST teams do.

We were greatful to have the opportunity last season to team up in the playoffs with you folks at CMP’s! A class act.

Yes, We will not be affected until after the season most likely it will be the summer/fall.