Team 476 Addy III

Check out Addy III at this link
No details but a picture worth a thousand words!

Great looking machine there, Ponca City. Can’t wait to see it in action at LSR. It’s about time we saw some shooters. If nothing else, it’s cool to see balls flying through the air. :slight_smile:

With the ice storm delays we ended up with only a day to wire and troubleshoot and drive about two hours. Seems reliable and very strong. pulled 1 goal with ~ 500 lbs. of peoples around.
I like 118’s dual goal grabber hopefully we can hook up at LSR, tell Lucien and Scott Hey

well ponca your smarter than us, we didnt take one picture before we shipped :slight_smile: other things like finding food were on our minds, everyone just has to wait till st louis to see our thing.



I hope you are going to put some kind of shield on your bot to keep anything from happening to your controller. The wrong kind of robot protrusion (goal grabber, harpoon etc…) could take it out.
Also you can get better radio reception if you mount your robot antenna vertically.
Looks good too.

Wayne Doenges

Nice paint job on the cylinders :wink: Yea, the only thing I’d say would be - listen to Wayne! You might want to protect your wires… that wouldn’t be cool if, on the off chance, a team grabbed your wires instead of a goal!!! Looks great, otherwise! :smiley:

  • Katie