Team 478 Mustang Robotics Robot

Hey Take a look here our 2009 Vex robotics robot that were taking to the championship.

That is an excellently designed robot. Kudos and best of luck, it should be a really good performer.

I wish we put effort into our VEX designs :stuck_out_tongue:

that looks like a very good and efficient design. best of luck to you guys.

Great looking robot, I love four bar designs :smiley:

Good luck at your competition, when is it?

its on the 30 to may 2. In dalals texas. The world championship

Very Very nice machine. Not overly complicated and extremely effective.

One thing I’ve noticed through out is that I have yet to see a robot that simply “dumps” the cubes into the goals. Personally, I think that might actually be more efficient than a claw, not to mention you’d be utilizing more space.

Agreed you might not be able to get to the 20" goal, but there are ways to expand, as Overdrive very blatantly showed us last year.

Interesting robot, has anyone seen a simply “dumper” type? was it effective?

Dumping i think is not that effective Because with having to get to the auto loader and such you wouldn’t be able to be fast enough to score

New video check it out–4rq&ref=nf

Hm… i would think dumping would be more effective. One, you would fill up a post in seconds and your capacity would be extremely high depending on the type of dump…

Cubes in a post are only worth 1 point, owning a goal is worth 5. If you don’t control the posts, you lose the game.