Team 4797 in Bus accident en route home.

RoboTigers extend our well-wishes and prayers to Bryant High School Team 4797. Their bus overturned in West Columbus this morning coming back from championships.

According to the news report, everyone’s been treated and okay.

If you’re on your way home, please contact your family to let them know you’re safe.

“Overturned Charter Bus Closes 270”

Peace and love, FRC family.
RoboTigers Team 1796
Long Island City, NY

Wow glad they are all safe

Prayers go out to 4797, from all of us on 68! :frowning:

Sounds from the report like everyone is going to be okay, from the video it looks like someone could have died. We wish our friends the owlbots the best and everyone involved a very speedy recovery.

On behalf of FRC Team 2410, we wish everyone a fast recovery, and are glad to hear that no one was seriously injured.

From FIRST Team 67 we wish all the students and mentors of FIRST Team 4797 a speedy recovery from this accident.

That looks terrifying. It’s a great stroke of luck and relief nobody got seriously injured.

I hope that you can all think back to the happy memories of this week and the bad memories of the bus ride home can fade.

From everyone on 967 we are glad No one was seriously injured and hope 4797 has a quick recovery.

2175 wishes them the best and is keeping them in our prayers!

I’m so glad no one was seriously injured.
Best wishes and speedy recoveries to 4797 from 4531.

Best wishes from Team 4384.

Team 2996 wishes all the members of team 4797 a speedy recovery for everyone involved.

Team 1660 sends their prayers and wishes for speedy recovery. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for your team.

*Any word on why the bus left the road?

Glad everyone is ok!

Just heard about this on our local news.

If anyone needs anything, or if we can help in anyway.
We are less than 2hrs away.

WOW; I’ve never seen anything like that before ever. I wonder what the cause of the accident was.

So glad that no one was severely hurt.

On behalf of Team #4576 Red Nation Robotics we are sending our thoughts and prayers to your Team and wishing all of you a speedy recovery.

So glad everyone is okay, and that no one was seriously injured.

3266 wishes 4797 the best and a speedy recovery!

Thoughts, prayers, and best wishes from Team 2252 The Mavericks in OH. We are so grateful that no one was seriously injured and we echo the sentiments that over time the wonderful memories from championship weekend will far outweigh the traumatic memories of this accident.