Team 48 does a flip (video)!

We at Team 1038 thought you all might like this video of Team 48’s robot flipping over!

how did that match end?

hahhaha! that is funny. reminds me of the small 2003 robots with very low center of gravity tipping over.

I’m pretty sure it was a practice match.

No real damage… just a broken flag holder.

That’s kind of what happened to 27 a IRI in 2005 after it took it’s arm off and ended up on it back anyways after a match.

Ironically, that happened as they were playing defense against 48.

As far as I know, no significant damage was done by our force field, and yes, this was just a practice match on Thursday. They were one our alliance partners on Saturday, and they were AWESOME! (Our alliance took second at Pittsburgh.)

Oh man. Those definitely look like treads to me. Reminds me of a match in Atlanta 2 years ago where 4 out of 6 robots flipped during a match.

Basically, it goes something like this:

401’s robots have had flat outer edges for the last few years now. Basically, we build a box frame, and then put lexan on the outside of this box. We were being defended by a robot whose really tacky treads stuck out past their frame. Long story short, they drove up against us, and then the treads started going UP the sides of our robot, causing them to flip over.

Granted, it wasn’t nearly as exciting as 48. You guys almost got some hang-time, which we honestly don’t have enough of in FIRST:p .

I’ve got it! We’ve all designed drivetrains, arms, conveyor belts, and even shooters! Next year, FIRST is going to make us design suspension systems to use with the next generation of ramp-bots.:ahh:

wow, those tubes pack a punch! Do you just avoid those situations now, or have you modified the robot to counter it?

I was worried about that happening to our robot because it is able to drive up a wall and flip backwards. Luckily, the bumpers prevent that from happening in a match.

Bumpers and extra weight from the ramps cure what ails ya…

And to think some of my team members don’t want to strap in our 12V Battery. I’ll be sure they watch this vid.

You are going to want to strap your battery in, we didn’t at the time (it was on our list of things to do that day) and the battery fell to the floor. Unfortunately it pulled one of the terminals out of the Anderson connector and our drive team didn’t catch that in time for our second practice round so we pulled it back to the pits. We had a broken flag holder, and a bent piece of steel which we bent right back. No harm no foul, shouldn’t happen again because the robot has its bumpers and its ramps bringing it up to weight, and our driver has some experience under his belt now, this was his first time driving at an actual event. Needless to say, he was quite shaken after this match, but by the end of the regional he was more comfortable with high gear.

in my opinion, we need more of that in first, look at the NFL and how Defense has revolutionized the game, you see great one handed catches all the time, but how often do you see a helmet cracking hard KO hit by a superstar defender.

this video was great, i love FIRST and defense, i just think FIRST is starting to be more like the NBA, stooping the defense and focusing on the offense. i mean, no more wedges, the addition of bumpers adn the flag system (which doesn’t really make a difference.)

you need balance, let there be some hard hits, because there are too many great offensive plays, not enough plays that prevent offensive plays from happening

The anti-wedge rule is good. A tipped robot is out for a match and it is rather boring.

The bumpers promote defense, not discourage it.

Defense is heavy enough this year already. It is rare (even for top teams) to score enough to beat a double lift.

The beauty of this video is what was said right before the practice match… The guys from 48 came up to our drive team and said: “You mind if we try to play a little light defense?” To which we replied “Go for it”. Wish we would have caught the face of our coach when the bot came screaming towards us, I’m guessing it looked like this::yikes:

It seems to me that the anti wedge rule needs to be expanded to and anti-inflated-pool-tube-that-can-flip-small-robots rule. definetely seems like that is the hardest type to flip yet you did it with the greatest of ease. Another day, another law of physics broken.