team 48 in pittsburgh

hows team 48 doing in pittsburgh??

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**hows team 48 doing in pittsburgh?? **

Too early to tell.
I think the competition is just getting started.

is there a web site i can go to see how they doing??

go steelers!

anybody no anything yet about team 48 in pitts??

team 48 is in first place at Pittsburgh

48 ended up as the #1 seed but lost to the #5 alliance that ended up 2nd overall

Team 48 had a great time in Pittsburgh! On Thursday, we were able to correct all the technical problems we experienced in Cleveland. Our new distance measuring sensors gave us a reliable and repeatable autonomous mode. Our instability issues virtually went away once we removed the two center wheels, moved the battery, and added the pneumatic wheelie bar. As a result, we ran 10 qualifying matches and finished as the #1 seed with a 9-1 record and an average QP score of 158 pts.

I’d like to extend a big thank you to Teams 35 and 284 for being our alliance partners in the elimination rounds. You guys did a great job. Thanks especially to Team 35 for pushing us UP THE RAMP and then BACK DOWN to flip us upright after we were tipped over backward in our first semifinal match (it turns out our wheelie bar wasn’t extended at the time). That was an outstanding move, and the crowd loved it, especially when we both ended up on top of the ramp when time ran out. It’s too bad we failed to knock over the stack 217 protected so valiantly - the outcome of that match could have been much different.

291, 217, and 63 - congratulations on winning a tough semifinal battle.  322, 548, and 49 - great job winning the regional.  Congrats to 49 for winning the Regional Chairman's Award.

The greatest moment of the whole weekend for Team 48 was the announcement that we had won the Motorola Quality Award.    Winning this technical award would normally be justification enough to be happy, but tack on the fact that it qualified us to go to the Championship Event this year, and we all went crazy.  I felt so great for our kids, especially the seniors.  Thank you to the robot's mechanical designers for creating such a robust machine, and thank you to all the pit crew people who kept us running so smoothly at the event.   

Congrats to Teams 1191 and 1199 for competing in your first-ever regional.  Great job, you guys, for overcoming some initial difficulties.  You've both have a bright future in FIRST ahead of you.

I also want to congratulate the TechnoKats for persevering, remaining upbeat, and handling all their adversity in such a professional manner.  48 was in the pit adjacent to 45, so we witnessed the unfortunate events as they unfolded.  Even when they were without The Mighty Auk all day Thursday and much of Friday, Andy and Crew made the most of their situation.  They provided assistance to many other teams, as usual, and they quickly made their "Invisible Robot" materialize into a competitive machine in the Elims.  I'm just glad I got a chance to see 45's bot in action.  I especially enjoyed it when they drove OVER 322 and kept on going.  I have no doubt those guys will have everything worked out in time to be a top contender the rest of the season.

Finally, I'd like to thank the judges in Pittsburgh for recognizing Team 48 with a special Judges' Award for Helpfulness on Friday.  It was our pleasure to assist the event organizers, and our E.L.I.T.E. volunteers really got a kick out of the whole experience.  To student helpers Alex, Brittany, Chris, George, and Bobby, thank you for your help resetting the field and managing the team queuing.  You looked cool with that wireless headset on, Bobby.  :-P  Thank you Team Leader Paul for manning the spare parts table.  And a big thank you to Engineer Dave and Engineer Bob for serving as field referees for the event.  You all made Team 48 proud.