Team 48 TEAM ELITE one of the best

Posted by Brownscombe.

Other on team #49, Delphi Knights, from Buena Vista High School.

Posted on 4/14/2000 10:55 AM MST

From Team 49: Team 48 is the best. Thanks for being our alliance partner at The Great Lakes Regional and providing us many thrilling moments both there and at the Nationals. We could not be next to a better team in the pits and your encouragement, aide, and support is truly exceptional. You are our selection for FIRST team of the year. Thanks Team ELITE.

The Delphi Knights

Posted by Steve Prairie.

Student on team #173, RAGE, from Rockville High School /East Hartford High School and UTRC.

Posted on 4/14/2000 11:42 AM MST

In Reply to: Team 48 TEAM ELITE one of the best posted by Brownscombe on 4/14/2000 10:55 AM MST:

Team 48 definately had the best marketing skills at the nationals. When we were in the top 5 (#1 at times) team 48 came over to visit, and of all the many teams that came by our pit, they did the best job selling thier robot. Our team captain and I went over to check out their bot mainly because we thought ‘gee… these guys put alot of time into their marketing skills, imagine what they put into the robot itself’. Team 48 had a great robot, we liked the gyro and the controls, but we were considering other robots too (and anyways, we got picked ourselves). Nice job TEAM ELITE.

Steve Prairie
RAGE #173