Team 4829 Titanium Tigers 2020-2021 Robot Retrospective

It is, with both pride and sadness, that Team 4829 announces the retirement of our Infinite Recharge robot, Darth Roomba. Conceived as a rapid-cycling low goal specialist, it followed a different design path than 118’s Everybot to achieve its purpose. It was first built for the 2020 season but never got to compete, then made a highly competitive run in the At Home Challenges for the 2021 season, and finally took us to our 2021 off-season competitions. It performed well enough to place us in the #2 Alliance Captain slot at THOR 1 and the #1 Alliance Captain slot at Doyenne Inspiration, going undefeated in qualifications at Doyenne and coming only one match away from winning the event. He retires now with honor as a highly successful and incredibly durable robot.
This is the tribute our team videographer put together to celebrate our beloved Darth Roomba.


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