Team 484 testing

testing our robot… ChamberLIN :smiley:

The “Front” sign cracks me up. After deciding on a basic design and building the chassis weeks ago there was a problem with attaching parts and programming… turns out half of my team though the back was the front all along.

Nice looking 'bot. Have you tried getting over a metal barrier?

That’s nothing, in 2010, just about everybody who saw our robot thought it was upside down, but the robot didn’t have a top, just 2 bottoms. There was an awkward moment when, before one match, the ref sheepishly came over to tell us we had put our robot on the field upside down. <this is not sarcastic, nor is it a lie, It might be exaggerated, but it really happened>

the front sign was so that the drivers (mee) would not get confused since we debated on what the front was going to be and we kind of have 2 fronts anyway since we will be moving in either direction a lot
we have not tried a metal bump yet

I like your method of getting over the beam. Are those made of aluminum?

Nice bot!

The “FRONT” sign on the robot made me smile. Our team always argues about where the front and back of the bot is located.

All the best this season!

they are made of wood and the white part is just a kitchen cutting board, its slick and light and does a great job

i think your front sign is on the wrong side.