Team 4855 Ramageddon: 2020 Robot

Very excited to be competing at FIM St. Joseph and FIM Gull Lake with our 2020 robot!

Sadly we don’t have a reveal video so you’ll just have to watch us at the competitions. Feel free to ask any questions! As always, good luck teams!

please try and look past the mess of wires on that bot we lifted in the second image


For a minute there I thought your electronics dropped out of the bottom of the robot while you were climbing. That would be an…interesting strategy. Seriously though, looks like a cool robot.


So do you guys use the legs you are using to lift someone else off the ground to also lift yourself up to grab the bar? If so can you explain how you are able to do this consistently and are sure you are lined up correctly before you start climbing?

Love the colors btw!

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That’s some heart attack fuel right there!

Precisely. We have a web cam pointed straight up into the air at the bar and some computer aids to line us up to exactly where we need to be to ascend. We’ll also be running a program during competition that will use our gyro to turn the robot to the angle of the bar relative to the field, ensuring that we don’t come at it crooked.

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I love the integration of everything - hooks with intake, buddy climb tucked away, and a simple ball path that should be easy to diagnose.

I’m also a huge fan of the color scheme, for some reason…

If you get into 3D printing, these are the filaments I have found which best-match our color scheme without sacrificing print integrity / quality:

  • PLA: I have yet to find nice looking purples; many of the bright greens work great
  • PETG: Prusament Galaxy Purple; Prusament Neon Green (there are actually several greens that work great)
  • TPU: M3D “Tough Ink” Purple & Green (stay away from their printers though…)

Good luck this season!

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Thanks for the suggestion! Our CAD lead does a good amount of 3D printing and he supposedly printed out a purple Limelight case for tonight, but I’ll link him to your recommendations since I can only assume we’ll be needing more prints in the near future.

I cant wait to compete with you guys this weekend at the St. Joseph event! Your robot has some unique designs and cool looking colors!

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