Team 4918. "Buster" Final Render

Hi everyone! I’m here to show you all the final render of our robot, AKA Buster.
Here it is:

Hope you guys like it!

James Kienle
Team 4918

Very nice CAD work, especially from a rookie team.

Just wish it didn’t break the tables :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks :slight_smile:
I’ll try to resize the picture. Forgot this website didn’t have dynamic photo resizing.

Great CAD Render there. Excellent design for a 2013 Rookie team! (Just a question though…On the finished product, those center hex axels will not actually be sticking out that far past the frame perimeter right?)

Nice eye! We sawed off the axles last night, but that never got translated over into the CAD model. We bagged the entire finished robot at 9:30 PM tonight after a full weekend of practice.

By the way, the above CAD model was done by a single sophomore with zero Solidworks experience prior to joining FIRST. My employer was understandably impressed.

I’m impressed too. Well done.