Team 4946 Alpha Dogs' 2015 chassis design

Over the past 2 weeks members of team 4946 Alpha Dogs were hard at work designing a custom chassis that we could make and use for the 2015 season, and above is what we came up with. it’s a modified version of the west coast, I believe the cheesy poofs did it as well (too what I know off).

More photo’s of the chasis can be found here

Any input would be much appreciated!!

You forgot to include a link to the model as well. Here it is.

Structurally, this chassis looks very good. Our team used the West Coast Drive last year and it helped greatly with defense against the other alliance. It was also great for getting across the large, open field quickly, where the only thing standing in the way was the other team’s robots. The West Coast drive is the best…

…in certain situations. When choosing a drivetrain, remember to keep in mind what the game is like for the season. The WCD is designed primarily to be a traction monster that can bulldoze other robots on the field. But in this year’s game, robots from opposing alliances are pretty much not allowed to touch each other at all for most of the match, and are confined to their half of the field. The WCD also suffers in maneuverability, which may prove to be essential when getting around the inevitable loose game pieces and stacks on the ground. So keep in mind how well your drive will work in this year’s game. I’m not saying this is a bad drive, but it may not be the best for the current situation.