Team 4961 Teaser One

A 15 second video on what team 4961 has been working on. Hopefully the first of more to come.


Love the use of camera angle for the robot exit

Thank you! That’s about the extent of my creativity :yikes:

How’d you actuate the strafing wheel? Asking for a friend.

I apologize, but I don’t know what actuating the strafing wheel means, but I will ask my teammates if they can help you out.

It Looks like an “h” drive to me.

Mhmm, looks like a normal H drive to me. Probably nothing actuating it; maybe a small suspension system just to keep it in contact with the ground.

Yes, it is a standard five wheel h-drive. My apologies for not being able to answer the original question :yikes:

there is a difference between “h” and “H” drive? news to me.

Haha, no, just confirming your thoughts. I think most people use a capital H though, since the capital takes the shape of the drive itself.

Maybe “h” drive is a super secret super sweet new drive base that looks like an “H” drive, but is in fact missing the front right wheel.

ahh yeah, gotta love my typing skills :slight_smile: