The Mentors on 498 have created a game for the students to have a mini summer build season. There are very basic rules but should give a decent amount of things to for the team. If any Arizona team would like to participate this summer let us know.


Each team will have a total of 2min and 30sec separated by 3 periods. Each team will start in a 30in X 30in Team Bench area. Opposing robots will not be allowed in teams bench for more than 5sec. at any given time. There will be 2 - 24inH X 24inW x 24inH boxes placed in the field at random locations to act as a Defender.

The object of SLAPSHOT is to score as many pucks into your teams scoring goal. Highest score wins.

**Scoring Goal- **
The scoring goal is a standard dimensions of 72inW X 42inH X 12inD and has 4 12in X 12in scoring zones in the corners, Top corners are worth 10PTS and Bottom Corners are Worth 2Pts. Also a 12in Circle goal known as the Five hole will be in the center of the goal and each puck is worth 5pts. All scoring zones will be surrounded by Reflective tape.
The area between goals will count as zero points but all puck completely past the blue line in the NO ROBOT ZONE will count as 1pt.

**Puck Platform- ****
**The puck platform is a 24inD X 48inW X 6inH platform with sets of 2in stairs on the front and 1 side and a REKT Rough ramp with different heights for added intrigue. The platform will have 27 pucks in sets of 9, equally spaced in 3 groupings.

Puck Return Bin-
The puck return bin is a standard 5 gallon paint bucket cut in half approximately 12in from the base. Each bin will have a 1in X 2in arm that will reach 12in into the playing field. Also each bins arm will have a 4in stripe of reflective tape approximately 2in from the end of the arm. The puck return bin will start with 3 pucks in each bin.


1st Period- Autonomous - 15sec
Robots may start in the robot zone with 1 puck and may possess as many pucks as available after the beginning buzzer sounds. All pucks scored during the Autonomous period are worth double. Bonus points of 20 will be awarded for robots able to dump the puck return bin during autonomous.

2nd Period- Teleop - 2min
Robots will drive around and collect pucks, scoring them in their goal. Robots are not allowed to cross the blue line at any time during a match. Robots that cross the line will be disabled for 10sec giving the opposing team a Power play.
All pucks that cross the goal line, scored or not will be deposited into the puck return bin.

**3rd Period - Shootout - 15sec **
The final 15sec will be the considered the shootout period. This is when teams have to rush back to the Puck Platform for a king of the hill style finish. Each team will try and end on top, a robot completely on top will receive a bonus 20pts. In order to receive the bonus only 1 robot can finish the match on top of the platform.