Team 5000's New Pit Design

Check out team 5000’s new robot pit design. Made from PVC and LED lights, it is fully expandable from 8x8 all the way up to 15x15 depending on pit size! There also is one large banner in the back and a smaller one in the front!

Looks good!

Nicely Done!

What material are you guys using for your rails; is it PVC or metal? I’m guessing it breaks down into individual posts for transport? If so, how easy is it to break down and put back together? What do you have fastening the corners? We’re looking to do something similar for our pit, so any answers help! Thanks in advance.

I love the simplicity and the lights. Looks very nice, Great Job!:smiley:

Says that they are using PVC. I really like it. Great color scheme and use of LEDs.:smiley:

Whoops! Sometimes I’m not the most observant fellow. :yikes:

Nice to see you took the hint that some pits are small and you can do the 8*8 space and grow into the bigger ones. (But 15’x15’ that’s just crazy talk :rolleyes: )

Nice colors, love the lights. As a logistics question, what does it break down for storage? Is there a big bag it travels in? Do you have a way to weight the legs for outdoor events?

Then you came up with your own reason for wanting something that went to 15x15:

Vexactly! That’s my superpower, taking crazy talk ideas and putting a new spin on them. :rolleyes:

But the key to make it work is a way to tether it down, nobody is happy with a 15x15 (or 8x8) uncontrolled kite rolling around.

I’d also like to see more of the details of their nested PVC fittings to see how the expansion works and is supported.

I think it’s interesting on how some of the pit designs / construction rivals the robot. We all celebrate the mech-engineers, but pit design with long trusses gives kudos to the civil engineer.

Yeah it breaks down into individual posts and cross beams. We use these metal pins, almost like a cotter pin to attach the posts to the beams.

No bag yet, but thats a neat idea. We’d have to probably make a bag for those pipes, but nothing we cant do. Also yeah the posts slide into plastic buckets filled with quikrete. It is quite sturdy

Yeah we have several students interested in that field. Lets just hope our robot turns out as nice.

Pictures will be posted soon now that we are not busy building the robot so that other teams can see how we made this

I would like to see some additional pictures too. Thanks

Here are some pics, more to come

Here are more. Any questions, feel free to ask…