Team 501

-2 Speed transmission: 9 fps high gear, 3 fps low gear
-4 andy mark 2" wide 8" High Traction wheels, 2 8" andy mark omni wheels
-Big cim for forklift
-3 pneumatic pistons on finger and one 1 on transmissions
-loads all three levels
-climbs any ramp
-fast and nimble

Just wanted to throw it out there

Looks cool. I like it.

HELLOOooo from 88:D
What a super bot you have this year. Not only does it look great but performs very well. super job in Manchester NH Reg. last week. Good luck out at the Midwest Reg. Maybe the word “WEST” will bring you some luck. Take care have a super time see ya in GA??? tell ED MOE said to gooooo!!! If you dont make it we will meet up again in Oct. back up in NH. GOOD LUCK TO A GREAT FIRST TEAM 501.
MOE and TEAM 88 TJ2:yikes:

And dont forget the most important thing of all, A-Rack-No-Phobia!
I love that ramp

Thanx a bunch and i was so sad to not see you guys attend :frowning: you guys are always a fun group to be with! And yes we WILL be going to nationals so we’ll see you guys there. Ed was worried about money but we figured it out and now hes soooo excited that west can make a name of itself at nationals. Good Luck to you guys!!

PS: i loved that ramp too… by far the nicest simplest design out there and buzz couldnt of been more effective; great tube scoring and climbed the ramp too.