Team 5010 Tiger Dynasty - 2022 Rapid React Robot

Team 5010 Tiger Dynasty is proud to present, Cats And Soup!

We’ll see you at Tippecanoe!

Thank you to all of our sponsors:
Allison Transmission
Aptiv Foundation
Fishers Maker Playground
Johnson Controls
Lowell Beaver American Legion Post No 470
Reciprocal Technologies
& ThriftyBot!


Very thrifty!

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We had a blast pairing up with you in Kokomo and are excited to catch you guys this weekend at Tippy!


Playing with 461 was great, hopefully we’ll have a match together again this weekend. A lot of really great teams coming, should make for some solid play.

We’re feeling good about our 3 ball auto and are trying to add more to it by Friday!


1501’s post plus this make me so excited for this weekend. Indiana is looking to be crazy good this weekend!

Some fun food for thought Kokomo had 7 unicorn matches, Columbus had 15, with how much teams were able to improve from Kokomo to Columbus im thinking we’ll see almost 30 unicorn matches!


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