Team 5012 Gryffingear Championship Preview

We’re excited to reveal our final robot upgrades of the season.
We’ll be competing on the Turing Subdivision in Houston.

Championship Preview:

Our other robot videos this season:

Midseason Reveal:

Original Reveal Video:

Thanks to our partners during the regional season - 4481, 5802, 3647, 1566, 2659, and 6072.

Team 5012 is generously supported by The Palmdale Aerospace Academy, NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center, Department of Defense, College of the Canyons, Pacific Coast Powder Coating, Antelope Valley Cancer Center, AVCPR Training, Andersosn Power Products, AT&T, The Palmdale Aerospace Academy PTSO, and the Germita, Kirk, Olivarez, and Estrada Families.


Wow Did you guys have enough weight to add this! What was your weight before! With your driver I have no doubt you can be a top performer in your division!

The entire climber mechanism weighed at 15 pounds. At our last regional the bot weighed at about 98 (without climber). We’re guessing our final weight at champs will be about 115 pounds.

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Great looking climb, that sheet you where sucking to doesn’t quite look like hdpe though, what material is that?

It’s Euroboard . It was the largest continuous piece of stiff, nonporous material we had on hand.

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