Team 5012 Gryffingear presents: Mischief

Team 5012 Gryffingear is proud to present our 2016 robot, Mischief!
Reveal video here!


8WD West Coast drive
~10 ft/sec using WCP SS transmissions, 2 CIMs per side
WCP Pneumatic wheels(zig zag tread) with 1/8" drop. Center two wheels on each side inflated to 40PSI, corner wheels inflated to 30PSI
Can traverse any B/D class defenses.

2 MiniCIM direct drive
4" wheels, 2x AM White HiGrips / 1x 4x2 Colson
Passive shooter hood for ramp-camp shooting position
“Photon Cannon” aim-assist flashlight

Intake arm:
BAG Motor driving a 10:1 Versaplanetary.
15mm HTD belt power transmission
Vex 4" mecanums for ball centering
“MagicShot” automatic ball staging and shooting software.
Vex EDR Line sensors for ball presence detection.
1/4" polycarbonate wedges for portcullis, sally port, and cheval de frise manipulation.
Over-center linkage for low-bar packaging and locking.

27x32" frame dimensions
Low bar capable at 14.5" tall

Mischief will be competing at Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and FIRST Championships.

Great robot from a great team! It’s too bad that we won’t be able to play with you guys at any regionals. Good luck at LA and Vegas!