Team 5012 Gryffingear presents: Offseason 2018

Team 5012 Gryffingear is proud to present our 2018 offseason upgrades. As we’ve done every year of our team’s history, we’ve taken lessons learned from the competition season and used them to build significant performance upgrades for offseason events. In the process, we’ve given our new and younger members more opportunities to have hands-on robot experience before the build season.

This offseason’s upgrades represent our team’s #REDEMPTION.

We’ll be competing at Chezy Champs this weekend as well as Beach Blitz and Battle at the Border next month.

Reveal video!](


• 2 CIM / 1 MiniCIM per side.
• Custom flat packaged single speed gearbox
• 16 ft/sec
• 6" Vex Traction Wheels + Omni Wheels (4+2 config)
• Teleop Turn-Assist control (Yaw rate control)

• 4x 775Pro
• Custom 2 Speed Ball Shifter
• Pneumatically actuated ratchet
• Integrated climber hooks on carriage
• 7.1 ft/sec in high gear / 3.5 ft/sec in low
• Current limited in high gear
• Arm geometry allows for scoring in forwards and backwards positions.
• CANifier for remote sensors
• Collision avoidance between arm and elevator

• Pneumatically actuated Spectrum style intake
• Fairlane Flexgrip 4" rollers + AM 4" complaint wheels(maroon)
• IR prox sensor for cube detection

• Winch to mitigate fork sagging during a buddy climb
• Deployed via passive hooks on winch.

Robot looks great Jeremy, I always enjoy seeing the changes you guys make for off seasons every year!

Looking forward to seeing your offseason robot at Beach Blitz!

Looks great! I’m excited to see it in action the coming weekends.

I’m curious about your teleop turn control. Is this an upgrade to the split arcade functionality or are you using a different control scheme? What kind of performance increases have you/your drivers noticed?

Thanks. We’re all really excited to play Power UP again.

TurnAssist is one of my favorite parts of our recent robots.
TurnAssist is just a P controller on the yaw rate of the drivebase. We use a yaw rate sensor(like the CTRE Pigeon!). It behaves much like the negative inertia portion of Cheesy Drive where it will give the drive base an extra “kick” to start moving, but it’s active regardless of driver input. This means that at rest, it dampens turning from outside sources like other robots and at speed, helps the robot track straighter. This behavior was really neat on our offseason bot last year when we had some debris-related binding in the drive gearboxes but TurnAssist kept us tracking straight for almost a whole week before we noticed.

I wrote a little blog post about TurnAssist here. Our 2018 implementation is mostly the same.

As far as driver controls mapping, we use an xBox One controller mapped to what my driver calls Forza Drive like the racing game. Right trigger is forward throttle, left trigger is reverse throttle, and left X axis is steering. It’s been incredibly intuitive to pick up for everyone, including me(a former die-hard raw tank drive fan).

Chezy Champs just got more competitive.
Seriously though, this is the type of machine we dream to be building someday, so great job!