Team 503 - 11 Power Cell Autonomous Teaser

Frog Force presents our 11 Power Cell Autonomous teaser for the 2021 Infinite Recharge at Home season. Stay tuned for uncensored reveals coming up soon on our YouTube channel, as well as our FUN Behind the Bumpers interview coming up on Friday. Good luck teams! :frog:


Hello again teams!

Team 503 presents the next item of our reveal hype series: our 2020 Season Recap video! Before we revealed our 2021 robot, we wanted to rewind to where we abruptly left off last year. Thank you to our sponsors and dedicated mentors who made such a short yet successful season possible! Turn on notifications if you want to tune into our full, live, uncensored premiere of our 2021 Robot Autonomous Award submission @2PM (EDT) today (3/25/2021)!

~ Joshua Huang |FRC 503 Lead Programmer & Driver

Edit: Postponed premiere to 7PM EDT (3/25/21) since it was on short notice


Hello teams,

And finally, the first uncensored reveal you’ve been waiting for… Team 503 will be premiering our 2021 robot’s uncensored 11 Power Cell autonomous video with explanation of individual features today at 7PM EDT! Thank you to our school, sponsors, and mentors who made it possible in these unprecedented times. Also, stay tuned for our FUN Behind the Bumpers reveal, which will be uploaded tomorrow (Friday 3/26), as well as other potential reveals of robot skills challenges and our Game Design Challenge submission. Good luck to all teams!

~ Joshua Huang | FRC 503 Lead Programmer & Driver


Premiere starting in 3 minutes!