Team 503 - Frog Force 2021 Season Recap

Team 503 had an amazing time competing in the 2021 season, despite the difficulties presented by the global pandemic. We are excited to celebrate our season by presenting our 2021 recap video. Due to the abrupt end to our 20th season, we decided to recognize our 20 year completion in this video. Although the season wasn’t the same as any other, we ended up learning a lot and having one of our best years yet, thanks to our school, dedicated mentors, parents, and sponsors. Thanks to everyone at FIRST for presenting interesting and safe challenges this season!

Season results

  • Silicon Group - Skills Competition Winner
  • Silicon Group - Autonomous Award Winner
  • Copper Group - Designer’s Award Winner
  • FIRST in Michigan District - Chairman’s Award Winner
  • Dean’s List Finalist Award - Arseniy Ilinich
  • Woodie Flowers Semifinalist - Chris Huang
  • Game Design Challenge Finalist - Top 20

Hope to see everyone at some off-season FIM events!

~ Joshua Huang | Team 503 | 2019-21 Lead Robot Programmer & Driver


Congrats on an incredible season!


Thank you! Great job to 4911 as well!

Great work!! Frog Force is always an incredible Michigan team.

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Thanks, That ONE Team never fails to impress as well!

Congrats on a great season. Looking forward to hopefully seeing your team name again this weekend.


Thank you, congrats to Blue Devils as well on a great season! Fingers crossed and hope to see you guys on the Einstein’s field again soon.

Well, this aged well. Been a long time coming. Congrats on HOF status 503!


Thanks and so very glad you predicted accurately!

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