Team 5052 Super Late Reveal


We had a robot for Alamo, it severely broke right after we kind of got it working. We did get rookie all stars and a trip to championship. The team didn’t get enough time to finish installing the new launcher, but we finally got it up and running for the off-season. The team is really proud of their accomplishments of having a fully functional robot, so a couple of us graduated members decided to make them a reveal video, and a funny one at that.

So here:

Otherwise I have to say I’m proud of 5052 as a rookie team, and I think they will do great things in the coming years, both with the robot and business aspects. We’re hoping for a fun off-season this summer.

This is perhaps one of my favorite reveal videos of 2014. Not because of the robot or cinematography, but because even after the season you worked hard to finish what you started, and had an amazing sense of humor. A rookie team making it to champs and still working hard to improve their robot after the season is done is the sign of a team that will continue to be successful for many years. Keep up the great work 5052!

That is a nice robot. I’m always impressed by the rookie robots and how they can play the game so well.
I love your ball loader especially. It’s very space-efficient.

Random though: 5052 aluminum is great for sheet metal. Get a sheet metal sponsor; then 5052 can use 5052!

5052 is definitely the top Texas rookie of 2014 !
After watching you and Shane take Pastoral Invasion (VEX team) to starting FRC team 5052, you guys should be really proud !

Judging from TRI, there are going to be a few new amazing rookies in 2015 as

I hope to see more of 5052 this summer, and p.s. I need my Gold Hat back ! :smiley:

Thanks guys! We headed to TRI scoring more than we ever had, successfully trussing, trussing to human player, and shooting in the high goal for the first time in the match for us. The whole team was very excited to see us scoring, even though it wasn’t always enough to beat some incredible teams. We had a great time with 2950, 2158, and one of the pre-rookie teams in elims. It was too bad 2950 was having major issues and didn’t get to play (we hope you guys can get it fixed for the future!), but they were great to work with otherwise. We made the decision to also go to Robo Reboot next weekend, so we will be there along with Robot Roundup in August.

I’t been great knowing you during these 3 years of robot adventures in both VEX and FRC. We should be both at Reboot and Roundup so expect us there. I don’t know about the hat though, since I think I need to wear it a lot from now on :wink:

This is great.
As amusing as the video is, the underlying message is truly inspiring. You guys really have the right attitude about your season!

Let me just say that you guys are amazing! I wish we were as good as you guys during our rookie years. I am so sorry that our robot brokedown during the quarter-finals. We hopefully will be at robot-reboot this weekend hopefully we will be able to compete there this weekend. I wish you best of luck and if you ever need anything feel free to ask here on the chief delphi and Im sure someone will be able to help you out.

Good luck this weekend see you there.

This robot is awesome.
There’s no other way to put it, it’s awesome.
Also, it’d be hilarious if the video were 1 second shorter.
Great video tho.

I hope that there is an off-season here around October. Don’t stop working on that machine. If there is anything we can do to help, let us know.

Suerte en el TRR.

A little update from Robo Reboot:

First of all it was a fantastic event and the team had a great time. Since there was not practice field we had to test out some new catapult changes for the first half of matches doing some tweaking, by the end we had some great and accurate high goal shooting. Our freshman programmer was on her own working on the auton eventually getting a consistent high goal (our first time ever scoring a ball in autonomous!). Our new driver finally got comfortable and managed to do some awesome shots under some crazy defense. Overall it was a great success in terms of improving our catapult, giving it a very successful trajectory that allowed the driver easy aim into the high goal.

Our best match unfortunately didn’t get recorded (I think the whole team was freaking out seeing our auton working and then about 5 straight cycles of clean high goal running shots), but found some videos of our matches that show the improvements we made:

We had a great time working with 2880’s practice robot and 1710 in elims (especially cool since one of our main mentors is a 1710 alumna) even though we couldn’t keep up with the aggressive winning alliance in quarterfinals.
We will be competing again at Robot Roundup!

Sorry that some of the matches didn’t get recorded; our local system was crashing pretty hard around 19-22 and keeping things up was tricky. We also lost SF1-1, I am not really sure how that happened. With that being said over the next few days youtube may put back up all of the video that we streamed on the streamed event page. They aren’t guaranteed to do it but they normally do and they did for T.R.I. last week. As far as I know all the matches were streamed so they should be on Youtube’s copy which is one of the reason we like using them.

By the way, awesome job today. Your robot’s launcher was a joy to watch. It had such a great arch on it by the end of the day. Keep up the awesome work.