Team 51: World's Lamest Reveal Video


Is that Richard Cheese?

Please let this be the post-dubstep trend

Yes it is.

We always wanted to do a reveal video, but we never get around to taking any good video or pictures. So Lars Kamen had an idea (there go those voices in my head again): make a video with the following requirements:

  • no graphics or effects
  • all pictures and video must be from a phone or tablet
  • don’t spend much time on it
  • the background music must be Richard Cheese
  • Play up the low quality of it all

It was fun doing something a little different.

Totally seen this coming chris i knew it was gonna be cheesy some how

Great video. Fulfills this^ contract. Project management.

FIRST can arouse new creativities like this on a personal level for mentors.
I have fulfilled this role in the past and can attest to the quality of your time editing with the scoring shots synched with the music. (see 1:30)

PS. Very effective Robot this year. Good luck at Champs.

I was really waiting for this video Chris. You did not disappoint. Very nice.

Best reveal music ever.

Richard Cheese is always a good choice!

Another good quality (?) of a lame reveal video is that it isn’t posted until after all competitions!

Just kidding. The only lame reveal video is the one that never gets posted.

I’m sorry, but you failed… :smiley: It’s not the worlds lamest release video. You showed video (even if it was from a mobile device) of the robot in action. This is a pretty good release video in my book. :slight_smile:

You bring up an interesting point. In defense of my claim of the World’s Lamest Release Video, I contend that absolute lameness doesn’t matter. The claim to the throne of lameness lies in lameness relativity. It just has to be more lame than any other released so far! :slight_smile:

I consider this one of the best reveal videos because (a) it did not make my ears bleed with awful dubstep, (b) it did not give me an epileptic seizure from flashing graphics, © there were no detectable doge meme references, and (d) it did not make me want to yak from crazy camera motion.


It would have been maximum lameness to post a reveal video after St. Louis!